About Us


Forever Wild Enterprises is a family owned and operated company that specializes in wildlife art. Our focus lies in creating products which are not only as realistic as possible, but are also of premium quality. This is possible due to the fact that Leonard and Troy Anderson (owners of the company) are involved in every aspect of the production of our products, nothing is done outside of our shop. We do everything, right from the original sculpture through to the woodwork, and are very proud of the fact that we ‘farm’ nothing out to get made anywhere else.

As a father and son team, Leonard and Troy are able to maintain high standards for the quality of their products. With Leonard and Troy working together in the snowy peaks of the Rockies, they are able to draw inspiration from the abundance of wildlife which surrounds them and from the fact that they are both avid outdoorsmen.

Their appreciation for wildlife lead to the establishment of the company in July 1998 through their desire to produce a product which is realistic, unlike much of the other wildlife art currently on the market. All of their current sculptures have only been sculpted by family members.

The goal of Forever Wild Enterprises is to grow at a pace that will allow them to maintain quality at competitive prices without having to exploit the third world cheap manufacturing market to make profit.